Many pet owners feel that their pet is a part of the family. As a result, the care and concern for your pet are probably a high priority. Pet microchipping is a good way to provide an extra layer of protection should your pet become lost. Microchipped pets may be much more likely to be located than their un-microchipped counterparts. Our North Brunswick, NJ, team our Faith Veterinary Clinic animal hospital is here to help pet owners understand the benefits of microchipping.

What Is Pet Microchipping?

A microchip is a tiny device encoded with an identification number. This identification number is linked to specific information designed to identify the pet and the pet owner. This chip has an identification code that allows a veterinarian to gain information about a lost pet to find the owner. Although a microchip isn’t a GPS for a pet, meaning that it will not provide information about the location of a lost pet, it does provide information about the pet and the owner. The identification number on the microchip can be linked to a database that can help if your lost pet is found.

What Is the Veterinary Procedure for Pet Microchipping?

The microchipping process involves inserting a tiny device the size of a grain of rice into the loose skin of your pet. The process is like standard pet inoculation. After the device is inserted, identifying information about the pet and the owner is uploaded to a database that veterinarians and other pet organizations have access to. If your microchipped pet meets a pet clinic or animal hospital, identifying information about your pet as well as your contact information will come up. Microchipped pets are much more likely to be found and returned to their owners.

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