Just like humans, pets can suffer from different types of allergies. Most allergies manifest through the skin, making it easy for you to notice when your pet has an allergic reaction. If you suspect your pet suffers from allergies, visit Faith Veterinary Clinic in North Brunswick for urgent pet care and examination. We are well-experienced and committed to treating your animals like our own. Read on to learn more about pet allergies and how our veterinarians can help your pet.

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Causes of Allergies in Pets

There are many reasons your pet may suffer from an allergy, and one of the main culprits is diet. For instance, your pet may be allergic to foods like animal proteins or grain diets, leading to signs of allergies shortly after consumption. Other pets may be allergic to shampoos, sprays, and grooming products. Environmental allergens like pollen buildup may also trigger an allergic reaction in your pet.

Signs of Allergies in Pets

Consult a veterinarian whenever you notice unwanted effects on your furry friend for a pet examination. Here are the main signs of allergies in pets:

– Itchy skin

– Ear infections

– Skin rashes

– Sneezing

– Digestion issues

These signs may also indicate another health issue, so you should seek help before administering any medication. At Faith Veterinary Clinic, we offer comprehensive pet examinations to determine the cause of the allergy and initiate the proper treatment based on the pet’s age and type.

How to Avoid Pet Allergies

Understanding the cause of allergies in your pet is the starting point to avoid allergies. For instance, if your pet is allergic to certain foods, you should avoid giving your pet that particular food or consult a pet specialist. If food is the primary cause of your pet’s allergy, provide a veterinarian with a list of the ingredients you use for advice on what you should eliminate. Similarly, eliminate flea irritants, pollens, and ensure the environment is always clean to avoid environmental allergy triggers.

How Our Vets Can Help With Pet Allergies

We examine pets to check their health and understand the possible cause of the allergy. Sometimes, we may take blood samples for diagnosis and then initiate the appropriate treatment method. If your pet has fur loss, we offer pet skin care and treatment to help restore the initial skin condition. Additionally, we provide medications to help relieve the signs of allergies such as stomach upsets and swollen eyes.

Contact Faith Veterinary Clinic for Pet Allergy Treatment

Allergies are quite common in pets and can significantly affect the everyday life of your pet. If you need help with pet allergies, visit Faith Veterinary Clinic in North Brunswick for a comprehensive examination and pet skin care. You can also contact us at 732-658-6777 to learn more about our services and how they may be helpful to your pet.