Did you know that your cat or dog benefits from an annual dental cleaning? Many people do not realize the benefits of dental care for their pets, but you may be able to prevent veterinary issues with preventative dental care. Faith Vet Clinic is an animal hospital that serves North Brunswick. If you are looking for a pet clinic that offers dental care, here’s what you should know before your pet’s first appointment.

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Why Pets Need Dental Care

A pet’s need for dental care is not unlike a human’s. Tartar and plaque both build up on your pet’s teeth, leading to dental pain and gum inflammation. Tooth loss can also impact your pet’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. Plus, dental issues can cause bacterial infections and other illnesses throughout the body, including heart disease.

Veterinary exams are essential because our vet can diagnose hidden problems. Cats and dogs are both good at hiding dental issues because of a natural instinct to hide anything that could be a sign of weakness. This is why many pet owners are unaware that their pets are in pain.

Regular exams also track the changes in your pet’s mouth. Our vet may decide to keep an eye on something that could worsen with time or on your pet if he or she is at a higher risk of dental issues. Tracking the progress of the dental disease can prevent serious health-related issues later in life.

What Happens During a Pet Dental Cleaning

Before your pet’s dental cleaning, he or she will likely be placed under anesthesia. Anesthesia is used to keep your pet calm and prevent any complications during the cleaning process. It also makes tooth extractions much easier and safer for your pet.

When your pet is asleep, the dental cleaning process is very similar to the process of a human dental cleaning. Our vet will remove tartar on the teeth and assess your pet’s gum health for any signs of disease. If extractions are necessary, we will remove the infected tooth. Your pet may need to take antibiotics after the procedure to prevent infection.

Visit Our Animal Hospital for Pet Dental Care

Dental care can make a significant difference in your pet’s health and habits. If you are looking for a pet clinic in North Brunswick, Faith Vet Clinic can help. Call our animal hospital to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian for professional dental care.