Your pets might one day be in need of pet surgery services for emergency reasons, or for elective reasons. If you know your pets are suffering from a medical condition or physical ailment, surgery might just be the best option for them. If you have questions about why your pet needs surgery, what is the best option for surgery, and need help from a veterinarian, we’re here to help!

Faith Vet Clinic in North Brunswick, NJ, is on a mission to help pet owners like you find the best veterinary care for their cats and dogs. Our pet clinic can help put your mind at ease by providing high-quality care, including elective and emergency pet surgery.

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Why Does My Cat or Dog Need Pet Surgery?

Pet surgery can be either elective or it can be done in an emergency setting. Elective pet surgeries consist of:

  • Spaying and neutering services
  • Removal of benign growths
  • Removal of cysts
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Dental surgery

These elective pet surgeries can benefit your pet’s overall health. For instance, spaying and neutering can help promote better behavior and prevent certain cancers of the reproductive system.

There are also emergency pet surgeries that can potentially save your pet’s life by helping treat medical and physical ailments that can pose a threat to your pet’s health. These include surgeries such as:

  • Cancer growth removal
  • Removal of intestinal blockages
  • Treatment of traumatic injuries
  • Eye surgery
  • Removal of infections and damaged tissue

How Can a Veterinarian Help?

Our veterinarian will conduct a full nose to tail exam to determine if your pets need emergency surgery or if they can benefit from elective surgery such as spaying and neutering. We will then inform you of your options, and provide pre-operative and post-operative care for your pet.

Our veterinarian can help you understand why your pet needs surgery, and also help inform you of any other options that are available for your pet, such as medication or chemotherapy.

It’s important to get the best veterinary care to ensure your pet’s surgery is successful and your pet heals properly. Our veterinarian will inform you of any precautions you need to take before surgery, such as not letting your pet eat for 24 hours before surgery. We will also inform you of the best follow-up care protocols, such as giving your pet medications to prevent infections or giving your pet time to rest and heal.

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