Spaying and neutering are routine procedures for pets. These procedures are important for many different reasons. Spaying and neutering can even elongate your pet’s lifespan.

At Faith Vet Clinic, serving North Brunswick NJ, we provide spay and neuter procedures. Our veterinary team will explain why you should spay & neuter your pets. We will also walk you through the surgeries and help you with post-operative care for your pet.

Spayed and Neutered Pets Are Healthier

Neutered dogs are less likely to develop testicular cancer, a problem that affects older dogs. Also, they have a lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Pancreatic tumors are common in large dog breeds, like German Shepherds, Irish Setters, Fox Terriers, and Golden Retrievers. They also affect specific cat breeds, like Siamese cats.

Tame Erratic Behavior

Pet owners often spay and neuter cats and dogs to tame their aggressive tendencies. Cats and dogs that are not neutered mark their territories by spraying urine around the house and becoming aggressive at the sight of other dogs. Conversely, a neutered dog is less likely to fight and is easier to train.

Reduces Sexual Urges

Failure to spay or neuter cats and dogs at a pet clinic leaves them to experience the normal sexual urges as regular pets. Most of them roam and sometimes escape home looking for mates. Cats stay in heat for approximately six days, and the cycle repeats after three weeks. During this season, cats get rowdy, vocal and may even spray urine around the house. On the other hand, dogs get very aggressive toward male dogs, are clingy, and lick their genital areas excessively.

When Should Pets Be Spayed and Neutered?

While the ideal age for neutering or spaying dogs is 6-9 months, younger puppies can undergo the procedure. As for cats, the best age for spaying or neutering is when they are eight weeks old. Professionals at our veterinary clinic recommend scheduling the surgery before the kitten turns five months old to reduce the chance of pregnancy.

Schedule an Appointment for Spaying and Neutering

If you have a new pet, it is important to get it spayed or neutered. At Faith Vet Clinic in North Brunswick NJ, our veterinarian will determine when to get the procedure for your pet. We can answer any questions you have. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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