Veterinary care visits are important but it’s not always clear how often cats and dogs need them. If you live in or around North Brunswick, contact Faith Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s next wellness exam.

Birth to One Year

You will need to bring your kitten or puppy in for vaccines about every three to four weeks until he or she is 16 weeks old. Both cats and dogs will need specific vaccines to protect against different diseases. At this stage, your pet can also start flea and tick prevention treatment and the veterinarian examines how well your dog or cat is growing.

Adult Pet Visits

Once your pet reaches the one-year mark then annual visits should be sufficient. The veterinarian will perform a physical and may take blood samples. The vet can also recommend other tests depending on any medical problems that were detected during the examination. Booster shots may be administered. It may be helpful to bring your pet’s stool sample so your vet can test it.

Senior Pet Visits

If your pet is 7 – 10 years old, then it’s recommended to visit the veterinarian at least twice per year. Your pet will also get a thorough examination and tested to follow up on medical problems noticed along with any additional vaccinations. Urine and blood tests can also allow your vet to look at your pet’s liver and kidney health, hormone levels, and more. At this stage, you want to mention any changes you’ve noticed with your pet since they can be signs of disease.

Visit Your Veterinarian

If you live in North Brunswick, or the surrounding community, and it’s time for your furry friend to get a check-up, call Faith Veterinary Clinic today at (732) 658-6777 to schedule an appointment. We will answer any questions you may have about your pet’s behavior and development and don’t forget to speak up about any changes you’ve noticed.

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