If you are a new pet owner, you’ll likely want to provide your dogs or cats with the best care so they remain healthy and comfortable throughout life. One important aspect of caring for a pet is scheduling routine wellness exams and preventative care sessions with our veterinarian. Contact Faith Vet Clinic if you live in the North Brunswick area. Here is some information about the importance of routine exams, what you can expect during a session at our pet clinic, and how preventative care helps pets.

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Why It Is Important to Schedule Routine Exams

Routine exams give our veterinarian the chance to look for changes in your pets’ health. Failing to bring your pet to our vet for routine examinations can cause it to suffer from a problem needlessly.

When a difficulty is found, treatment can be administered promptly. This could help thwart the escalation of symptoms, possibly helping your pet from suffering from additional problems.

What to Expect When You Schedule Exams at Our Pet Clinic

When you arrive at our pet clinic, our veterinarian will first have you fill out paperwork about your pets’ current health. This will be used as a starting point so our practitioner knows of any problems your pets may be dealing with. Our staff will take your pets’ temperature and note their weight at each visit. If there is a drastic change in these numbers, tests may be run to see if your pets have a medical situation to deal with. Our vet will check your pets from head to tail for any problems and will recommend treatment for them if they are found.

Preventative Care We Provide to Pets During Exams

There are several preventative care actions our veterinarian can provide to your pets to keep them feeling their best. To protect your cat or dog from the possibility of a parasite infestation, medication can be prescribed to give to your pets according to our vet’s recommendations. Microchipping can be done to help reunite you with your pets if they happen to run away from home and be brought to a facility with an appropriate reader. Vaccinations protect pets from a variety of diseases and debilitating conditions. Spaying and neutering will stop your pets from reproducing.

If you are located in the North Brunswich area, contact Faith Vet Clinic to schedule wellness exams or preventative care sessions for your dog or cat. Contact our North Brunswick location at (732) 658-6777 or  at (732) 395-8631 for more information.